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Re: #384 Ferrofluid Lightbulb

Yakim Peled wrote:
It\'s lovely in every aspect but I must wonder why did you choose to “crop” the shade in the bottom.

Happy shooting,

I laughed with my wife about this. You don\'t always get the shot you want, and sometimes, you just have to settle for good enough. Some of the minute details, for instance the shadow, don\'t come through on the lcd, but become quickly apparent once it\'s on your computer screen. The other thing was that I was *certain I wanted blue and white to be the primary colors, again - until I saw it on my screen, and noticed that the red worked better with the rust background then the blue did.

By the time I\'d started editing, I\'d taken 120 shots over 3 hours, gone through a box of plastic gloves, a roll of paper towels, and what little patience my wife had left for my mad science experiment. Out of all the shots, only 3 of them had been taken in red, and course the one you saw was the \"best\" of the 3 (so much for all the blue)...

As for the crop, in my haste to shoot the red, I positioned the form too close to the edge of the petri dish...had I noticed the shadow earlier, I would have gone to greater lengths to preserve it, but like I said - angry wife = no more shooting (rightfully so, the kitchen was a mess!), I had to settle for \"good enough\".

If you ever decide to play with this material, keep the magnets away from the edges of whatever you\'re using to hold the liquid. If you get it too close, the magnet is actually powerful enough to \"sip\" the liquid right over the edge (it pulls it so fast it actually sounds like it\'s sipping)...and because it\'s a mineral oil, and the iron is ground up to microscopic proportions, it\'s almost impossible to wash out.

Feb 15, 2010 at 10:25 PM

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