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#339 Moonshine

My camera has been in the shop for awhile so i couldn\'t shoot anything this week. Consequently, I made this in Photoshop out of spare parts that I had lying around. Therefore, I don\'t think it should count for the contest - DO NOT VOTE FOR IT!! I am posting it only because I\'m proud of the work I did and because you all might find it interesting.

I started with a black to blue gradient. Layered over it, the moon is from one photo, the shot of Mount Whitney and the stars are from another. Each of the clouds are from three other photos. The tree is a composite of two trees I made for yet another project. So, the whole thing is built out of six or seven other photos and all of the parts, of course, are mine. It really belongs over at the \"Special Effects\" forum but I hope you enjoy it. Needless to say, all comments are most appreciated!!! i will try to be back to my regular shooting schedule next week.

Apr 07, 2009 at 06:30 PM

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