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Re: The Contax 100-300 Vario-Sonnar

chrismscotland wrote:
Ronny Olsson wrote:
No it's not a easy lens to handhold..Even with focus magnify it can be pretty difficult to hit focus, esp at longer distance and in bad light and stopped down WO... on tripod it is easier .. but it is possible to miss on a tripod also but I think it performs really well when it hits it as it should

Thanks Ronny, your landscape stuff is amazing with this lens! Appreciate its probably not easy to handhold!!! I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one of these from Japan!

I would say that's the largest flaw of the lens. It's amazing how much more hand holdable and useable the canon 70-300L is. The Canon has separate focus and zoom rings, and the subject can be focused on with ease in the EVF. Like Ronny said, even magnified, the CY 100-300 can be hard to focus, and especially at night. They are virtually the same size, weight and technical IQ is close. The Contax has terrific rendering though, while the Canon has a much more canon and flatter rendering, which is a big deal. It can be used easily without a tripod. And then you'll get exif and better stabilization and weather sealing on the Canon as well, and AF if needed. But you'll also need an expensive adapter. As usual, pick which tradeoffs you like (or dislike least, ha). Ming Thein compared the 2 and said they were neck to neck, but he opted for the Contax on account of rendering, but he's a tripod shooter.

edit: also, MFD is great on the Canon, which is pretty friend relevant. After a Batis 35 f2, I'd like to see Zeiss make a modern CY 100-300 4-5.6 through the Batis line.

Jan 02, 2018 at 11:33 PM

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