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Re: Rumored X-H1 bring a price drop to X-T2?

briantho wrote:
Itís a given that the price will drop with time. An event like the release of the X-H1 will inevitably cause alot of people to move to that platform, which will greatly increase the number of X-T2:s for sale on the used market. Supply and demand dictates that the price of the older camera will be pushed down. Alot.

You could get a cheap lightly used X-T1 now, and then upgrade to the X-T2 when the price is right. You could also buy an X-Pro1 for pocket change to try out Fuji without the need to sell your current gear. The X-Pro1 is a superb camera, much better now due to firmware upgrades than it was when it was released.

Good points. As you point out, each product has a life cycle and a "price cycle," and will inevitably become less expensive (usually by way of sales) after it has been out for a while and as newer products are introduced.

You also suggest, perhaps inadvertently, a good "gut check" for folks trying to find the sweet spot between getting the thing right when it comes out (at list price), later (when sales become more common), or after it is discontinued (when it is often a lot less expensive but no longer state of the art).

A good question for anyone looking at a camera like the XT2 and wondering whether they should wait and buy it when the "next thing" arrives is: Now that the next thing (XT2) has arrived, are you content or not to get the old thing (the XT1)?

There are multiple possible answers to that, but it is a good way of thinking forward as one waits to buy something until it is closer to the end of its product life cycle.

Dec 16, 2017 at 06:54 PM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #14292237 « Rumored X-H1 bring a price drop to X-T2? »