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Re: FM members A7R III first impressions

OK my first impressions!

Pixel shift is serious. There is more difference between a pixel shifted image and a normal one than between top of the line lenses and ordinary ones. It looks like what I imagine a 120MP Bayer image downrezzed to 42 would look like. In some ways I'm sad; I didn't want a higher MP camera, but this has given me an appetite for one so I can have this level of IQ without messing with pixel shift.

Much better customisation

The buttons feel more responsive, though I'm not sure I think stiffer is better for buttons.

New back dial stiff enough for ISO without knocking off the setting. Yay!

New EVF looks better, at first I hoped for even better (you can just tell there are pixels) but then when I focussed manually: wow!!

Manual focus is improved and it's easier to nail focus with the new viewfinder.

I can edit all my A7R III images in Lightroom using exiftool and this command line:
exiftool -sonymodelid="ILCE-7RM2" -ext ARW -r [drag folder here]

"My Menu". About time!!

Mount a bit tighter, which I think is kind of encouraging.

Damn built in remote doesn't allow focussing via smartphone. That's the only negative so far (except that it's a bit uglier than the R2, which was in turn a lot uglier than the R, but hey who cares)

Using a cheap Fittest brand L-Bracket for the A9 which fits fine and doesn't scratch (at least mine doesn't). I have compete confidence in its base plat. The L part is fine for occasional use, but not I think for huge lenses in vertical mode or constant use.

8fps is awesome with much, much better tracking.

Dec 02, 2017 at 01:09 AM

  Previous versions of DavidBM's message #14274078 « FM members A7R III first impressions »