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Re: a7r3 and playmemories apps?

xpfloyd wrote:

Parariss wrote:
Some earlier discussion on this here:

The new RX10 IV is also missing the app store, and it is by no means a pro camera. So, either Sony is planning to completely reboot the app concept in some future firmware update, or they're simply retiring the whole idea.

I think it's the latter. Users don't need apps, they need functionality, and there's a finite number of particularly useful features to add. Writing the functionality directly into the camera's firmware is the easiest way to add functions, gives Sony full control of the product, and circumvents all of the extra overhead associated with an app store. If this is happening, it may take some time for the app store to completely disappear from the whole Sony lineup.

Itís a weird one as I imagine the actual costs of the App Store would be low as they already have the entire thing setup for PlayStation users I.e itís your PSN login you use for both. Unless the cost d developing the apps themselves is expensive but I imagine a firmware update to include the same functionality would incur a similar cost

The app store is only a small piece of it. You have to develop and maintain APIs in the camera firmware ("Application Programmer's Interface" -- the interface points where the apps can interact at arm's length with the camera's own software without screwing it up). And, if you're going to allow third-parties to make apps (which is where the potential for enhanced value actually comes in), you also need publishable documentation, developer support initiatives, and quality control teams to make sure apps aren't time bombs. (And, good luck attracting a herd of developers to your decidedly niche product.) Don't forget to multiply your total effort by the number of product models you have, and again for each firmware update you push out for each of those models.

For your efforts, you gain an added security risk, the potential for down-market models to threaten the sales of your higher end cameras, customers pissed off over being nickel-and-dimed by your supposedly upmarket product, and what likely amounts to only marginal additional revenue.

Or, you could simply add features to your product as they become competitively necessary.

Nov 10, 2017 at 12:47 AM

  Previous versions of Parariss's message #14248286 « a7r3 and playmemories apps? »