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Re: So everyone is ditching the A7RII for A7RIII ???

GMPhotography wrote:
Ebay lenses yes. Cameras I would be very careful. Sony grey market you will not have any warranty in the US.buy cams from people you know. Your dealing with electronics. Lenses much less to go wrong. Iím not saying that because mine is up for sale either . I have said this for years. Ebay people unload there junk there. Just be careful . Please

I've been around Ebay since 1999. I'm sure you didn't mean to say that Ebay is a place where only junk is unloaded. That said, I'm disappointed that Ebay has become extremely expensive (10% cut) and coupled with PayPal (3%), the cost of selling has driven away many people from doing business there. Ebay has also loosened their restrictions on buyers to a dangerous degree. In all my years there, I have never had so many bad buyers as I have in the past three months. I had a total of four bad buyers there - and I'm talking about people with questionable accounts who won my auctions and then wanted me to do some weird shipping deals, like ship to a hotel address in New York instead of the confirmed PayPal address, etc. On top of that, I've had two non-paying buyers, which the only recourse was to "open a case" where Ebay tried to contact the buyer and if they don't respond, you, as the seller, have only one option: to close the case. You can't leave negative feedback no matter what. That's not an option. So, with the last non-paying buyer, I had to click on positive feedback and state that it was a non-paying bidder. I've called Ebay five times over the past three months and complained about the system they now have and I'm getting this: "But we think people are generally good" spiel. I'm done with them as a seller.

As for grey market or imports, B&H has sold imports for many years for slightly less money. There is a distinguishment between grey market and "shady" sellers. These shady characters have been around for decades. We all knew about dealing with these guys even back in the 70s and 80s. They try to sell a camera and then do a bait and switch on the phone to up-charge customers. That's nothing new - but it still bears repeating.

All imports or grey markets are not shady sellers. Grey market doesn't mean you are getting a plastic camera. It has to do with warranty. Nikon has come down on grey market by saying they may or may not service them.

I can understand why they are doing that. When I had a shop/studio back a few years ago, a young Asian couple came in to me with Ed Hardy T-Shirts that they were going to wholesale to me for $15 apiece. The T-shirts were selling for close to $100 retail. I asked them where they got their merchandise and they looked at each other and came up with "These are rejects from the factory" - which translates to they were stolen from the factory and were being illegally marketed. I pressed them to tell me if these were "authorized" and they pretended to not understand me. We parted ways. The point is that there are factory thefts and they are likely difficult to completely control.

I do get "unauthorized"/stolen vs. grey market/legitimate. It's a slippery marketplace out there. But if B&H is selling an import, I feel more comfortable buying such from them if there is going to be zero difference in the product. As for Ebay, I have sellers there I trust and others I steer clear of. The added warranties from Square Trade are pretty good deals that make it easier to feel comfortable buying gear where those warranties are offered.

Warranties, ya gotta admit, are one of those Murphy's Law type of things: If you buy the warranty, you probably won't need it. But if you don't, you will. So, whatever, I just ordered the new Sony and added an extra warranty. Because. Murphy's.

Here's an article discussing grey market:

Nov 01, 2017 at 05:33 PM

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