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Herb wrote:
Danpbphoto wrote:
MMMmmmmmm good Herb!!!!

Thanks Dan...the recipe and my training were provided by a good friends mom. I had tasted her applesauce and felt that it was really great. So I asked her if she would show me how to make it. 50% Golden Delicious and 50% Jonathan apples, a little more than a cup of sugar, some water, cook it up and you end up with applesauce.

I then asked her to show me how to make her spaghetti sauce that I really love. Well, she showed me but it was far too involved for me...so that one will stay a secret as I am not that good nor patient a cook! But I love her applesauce...last year I did 60 quarts, and this year 7 cases of 12 quarts per case, or 84 quarts of applesauce...

Herb, both applesauce and spaghetti sauce are labors of love. My mother was Italian and her ss was the best I ever tasted! Yes I am biased BUT I have tried many home cooked sauces within the Italian community family and local. Now she cooked it all day! The key was she threw in a pork chop, bone in, and a little piece of steak then the tomato sauce, paste and spices. That cooked all day.
Now I have never been able to replicate her exact taste but came close and I used a "slow cooker"!!! It worked out great!!! Just combine all ingredients and let it cook for at least 10 hrs. All the flavors are infused together and at the end the the juice of the pork chop and steak gave it a real flavorful taste. But being like you, 10 hours!!!! Let the slow cooker do it for you! I use plum tomatoes.....

Oct 28, 2017 at 11:57 AM

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