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Re: Girl and her dog

Andre Labonte wrote:
The back of people's and animal's heads are never very interesting.


friscoron wrote:

I think we tend to be pretty honest here at fm people, and I think we share feedback based on how we see the picture, given our own styles. Frankly, before I read anything, when I looked at the picture my first thought was: "I wonder what they look like." Normally, I wouldn't comment on this pic because I don't really understand what was compelling to the OP so I don't feel qualified to comment. But when I saw Andre's response (mirroring my thoughts) and then the OP's response, just thought I'd comment.

It's understood that you can take my comment and the others before, as harsh or whatever. But I don't think it's meant that way, certainly I know mine wasn't meant that way. I think we're all trying to help you understand what we see, how we feel, when we look at this (or any other) picture.

I hope this helps.

What friscoron and Andre said. Not meant to be harsh but I don't really "get" the photo or find it all that interesting. Okay, the dog is sorta mimicking the owner but what are the looking at? Something funny? Did something make a loud noise and startle them? I don't know because all I see are the back of their heads.

Oct 09, 2017 at 07:16 PM

  Previous versions of jeraldcook's message #14210533 « Girl and her dog »