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Re: Olympus E-M1 Mk II

Market shift as in how the ground is going to shift when Canon and Nikon enters the FF mirrorless market. For sure, it's going to affect Sony much more than Olympus or Panasonic, or Fuji. MFT has a niche market and I think they will survive as long as sensor technology continues to move forward - so m43 sensors keep getting better and better. If anything, the APS-C or DX format could be more at risk - as there is less and less of an advantage over m43 in terms of image quality - and their lenses are almost just as big and heavy as FF lenses.

Wilbus wrote:
bobbytan wrote:
Are we looking at a market shift in the foreseeable future?


Market shift as in?

As in m43 dying? Don't think it will but I do think it will be harder for m43 to compete with new, possible large frame mirrorless systems. Specially if those mirrorless cameras and lenses offer good quality to a somewhat affordable price. I think we've already hit the high line of how much m43 can charge for their cameras for example. The E-M1.2 is around $2000 in Sweden but the GH5 is actually some 400-500 more expensive.

It will all come down to wether those two "giants" actually do it right or if they f*** up as they have before and don't dedicate them selves fully. By this I don't mean they should stop producing DSLR's but I mean that if they want to make something mirrorless they need to do it as good as they can without castrating the cameras or the entire system.

It'll be interesting to see and it'll be interesting to see if they can release something that is as fast focusing as their DSLR's.

Oct 06, 2017 at 03:38 PM

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