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bs kite
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Mar73 wrote:

bs kite wrote:
Mar73 wrote:
My last two phones were the Droid Turbo and the Droid Turbo II. I was satisfied with the camera on both and really enjoyed the the Turbo II high megapixel for heavy cropping. The HDR function produced fantastic images for a phone but slowed the capture rate down. It had a super fast fps when not in HDR mode and I liked it for action (spray and pray) such as catching my kids jumping in the pool. My only complaint with both of them is that it turns out neither were water proof .

I just recently had to replace my Turbo II with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So far I like it but it's still too early to say if I like it better than the Turbo II. It seems fast enough so far.

Sounds interesting.

Now maybe I missed it, but I was asking about the time lag between when the shutter button is pressed and when the shot is taken. Maybe I missed something in your response. If so, please point it out. Thank you.

Sorry for not really answering your question. All three phones I listed have little to no lag in normal lighting conditions. I just tested my new Note 8 before replying and it is as quick as any dslr in my hotel room with three lamps on.
The one thing I was trying to communicate in my previous post is that there is lag when using HDR on the Turbo II. Unless I was shooting landscape or cityscape I kept the HDR mode off. Hope this helps.

No problem at all

I now understand completely what you were getting at.

Also, taking a quick look at that Note 8.... Wow! Seems it is a Wide (26mm)>Normal zoom too.

See the DXO post below too. Apparently these cell phone cameras are getting exciting. I want to be able to quickly grab wide to normal shots.

I see Charles Loy's is really quick too. I must check out some of these new cell phone cameras.

Oct 05, 2017 at 03:32 AM

  Previous versions of bs kite's message #14205381 « Cell Phone Camera(s) what is the fastest ? »