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Please share your Canon Canada equipment repair costs experiences

Hello all! Back in April 2017 Canon Canada announced it was eliminating its flat rate equipment repair structure that had been in place for some time (~10 years?) and returning to estimates on a case by case basis for all repairs. There was a brief discussion about this change here on the Canon forum.

Given that it's been about six months since the announcement, I'd like to pick up the discussion with feedback from those who have actually had equipment serviced by Canon Canada. I would like to see a balanced discussion based on facts, on actual repairs, to hopefully shed some light on whether or not the change has actually been beneficial to Canon Canada's customers. Did you pay more for a repair that in the past was flat rate? Did you pay less for some, as Canon claimed might be the case?

As a guide and baseline to determine whether or not your specific repair was higher or lower than the previous flat rate structure, below are the flat rate fees published on the Canon Canada CPS site at the time of the announcement:

"These rates include all necessary parts and labour to complete service. Only products exhibiting corrosion or severe impact will be subject to a manual estimate. If necessary, the estimate will be sent to you for your approval. Please note that where manual estimates are required, service turnaround guarantees will not apply. Rates below are subject to the applicable member service discount. (Platinum -30%, Gold -20%) Taxes are extra."

EOS 70D, 7D, 6D: $219
EOS 5D series: $249
EOS 1D X/1D X Mark II: $299

11-24mm f4L: $319
16-35mm f2.8LII: $319
16-35mm f4L IS: $259
17-40mm f4L: $259
24-70mm f2.8L: $259
24-70mm f2.8LII: $319
24-70mm f/4L IS: $219
24-105mm f4L: $259
8-15mm f/4L: $259
100-400mm f4.5-5.6L v1/v2: $319
70-200mm f2.8L and IS v1, f4L and IS: $259
70-200mm f2.8L IS II: $319
28-300mm f3.5-5.6L IS: $319
70-300mm f4-5.6L IS USM: $259

14mm f/2.8L: $219
14mm f/2.8L II: $299
24mm f1.4L v1/v2: $299
35mm f1.4L: $219
35mm f1.4L II: $299
50mm f1.2L USM: $219
85mm f1.2L: v1/v2$299
135mm f2.0L: $219
200mm f2.0L: $219
300mm f4L IS: $219
300mm f2.8LIS through 800/5.6L IS: $299
The list didn't include the 200-400

100mm f2.8L IS & 180mm f3.5L: $219

All TS-Es: $299

All TCs: $99

580EXll: $149
430EX II: $99
MR-14EX: $149
MR-24EX: $149
ST-E2: $99
Battery grips (all): $99

Here's the announcement by Canon:

"Canon Canada wishes to advise you of a change in fee structure to our repair rates. Effective April 19, 2017, most products will no longer be repaired under a flat rate system, instead, Canon Canada will assess each product upon receipt and provide an estimate for time and materials.

Why the change?
Flat rates are fair to all customers only if the average repair price does not vary significantly. In order to be fair to all customers, a repair estimate will be provided specifically to address the issue with your particular product. In order to minimize your downtime, Canon Canada has established a pre-approved charge. This means that if the cost to repair your product is below $349 + tax, Canon Canada will proceed with the repair and return your equipment as soon as possible. In the event that the estimate charge is beyond the pre-approved charge of $349 + tax, Canon Canada will require your approval to proceed. If at any time you require a manual estimate, please advise us when sending your product and an estimate will be provided regardless of cost."

Oct 04, 2017 at 07:05 PM

  Previous versions of rscheffler's message #14204858 « Please share your Canon Canada equipment repair costs experiences »