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I was in the garden the other day picking butter beans, (lima beans to you yankees ), and I felt a slight sting on my wrist. It was like a bee or wasp sting, but much less intense. So I started looking in the area where my hand had been and saw the below caterpillar I went back to the house and set up my macro gear and returned to the garden to take a few shots. My back limited the amount of time I could bend over to shoot, so I didn't get every millimeter in focus, but I think I managed enough to make a decent photo although I wouldn't brag about it.

I recently downloaded the evaluation copy of Zerene Stacker and decided to see if I could get some decent results. The first photo stack turned out almost OK, but I do need a lot more practice. I tried stacking a set of the second shot, but it did weird things with the colors. So here is the best single image I managed to get. I will have to start taking a stool to shoot subjects low to the ground in the future so that I will have time to capture more images.

Edit to add that this critter was about 1" to 1.5" long.

Oct 04, 2017 at 01:35 AM

  Previous versions of surfnron's message #14204092 « Ouch! »