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Mark Metternich
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Southwest Eyes

I was asked by a fellow photography peer (semi pro) the other day if I thought basically everything has been found in the Southwest to photograph? My answer was: "in my opinion the exact opposite is true." No way!

Why do I think that? Well, the vast majority of people going out to the Southwest only have a very limited amount of time to get their precious photos so they generally go to the very same spots everyone else goes to, to make the best use of their time (makes sense). I mean who has the time to really explore new areas, especially if the areas they explore may not produce anything photographically pleasing to them? Or maybe they simply don't have a rigorous 4WD or the necessary safety gear or even the physical ability to do hikes...

Over the years I have had the incredible privilege (and gratitude) of scouring many new areas in the SW simply spending days, even weeks exploring (I lived there almost 1/2 the year, out of my rig, for some years). I can even say I found a new "White Pocket" area (at least as interesting and potential filled for photos IMO) that I have never seen photographed. I sent some images of it to two of my most astute SW friends (who pride themselves in having gone "everywhere") and neither had seen the formations or can figure out where the location might be.
The many features there are so amazing I really can not believe photographers have not yet swarmed it like the Zion Bridge during fall! Next year I might share it with a few folks privately.

About this image: this is not a new place, but it is one I do not see good work produced from very often. I think mainly due to some difficult distracting elements that people have had a hard time figuring how to get out of their shot. By doing 3 things here I was able to overcome the difficulties:

1. Focus Stack of 8 images with the Canon [email protected] (sharp and new perspective).

2. Use an innovative way to do a very low Perspective Blend in Photoshop, to overcome some of the obstacles.

3. A lot of distracting element clean up.

This was shot mid day, so actually I did not (at all) expect good results, but that powerful orange saturation got my attention and is coming from the strong reflective light, much like how slot canyons react well on sunny days. So, when I pulled the series up the other day, I was almost shocked.

In processing, all tonal and color adjustments are conservative and no "Highlight Glow" or other effects were used.

I hope you enjoy the image, and Great Light to you!

Enjoy the Fall out there and be safe!

Sony A7R2
Canon [email protected]
Focus stack.
Perspective blend
100 ISO
Various shutter speeds


Oct 02, 2017 at 04:36 PM

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