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Re: Husband/Wife Teams and Newborns

First of all, sincerest congratulations! There is so much happiness about to arrive in your life you just can't imagine yet.

I went through this exactly a year ago.

Jess and I started going out in 2012 shortly after my rebranding and we have been shooting weddings ever since together. I am full time, she still has a 35h/week job with Fridays off.

We had our son in July last year right in the middle of high season, so I had her replaced for the whole season. That replacement still shoots with us and will probably lead her own team in a year or two.

This year was the first working year as parents and the work-family reconciliation was not always easy.

Not easy as in tiring at times. But with good planning it has gone really, really smoothly. We still have four weddings to go, I admit I am very tired and looking forward to November but the sheer joy of being a father far, far outshines any added stress your child may bring in your life.

I can't over emphasize that communication and constant re-adjustments are necessary.

We're expecting our second next April. Jess just entered the second trimester, and she's starting a new job in a week (she is a career counselor in the school district full time and finishing her master's degree part time on top of everything). Much better pay, conditions, etc. but no more Friday off. She started saying it was too much. I immediately decided to pull the plug on the next four weddings for her and I'll have her replaced. I contacted all four couples already. All of them replied within the hour saying they understood completely and wished her well. They know this will not affect their souvenirs and photos. When we're booking 2018 weddings we're advising Jess may not be there just to be transparent.

Sometimes Jess only shows up for prep, ceremony and a bit of reception and leaves early while I finish the evening with the assistant, and sometimes even alone.

These are the kind of small adjustments you will have to make.

We are lucky to have an incredible network of help and babysitters so it makes going away every Saturday of the Summer easier to organize (and to bare). Grand-parents, aunts, uncles and cousins are lining up to babysit.

Depending on your support network and how often you shoot you may have to restructure the business model a bit. And some habits.

But it's all very much worth it.

Oct 02, 2017 at 03:24 PM

  Previous versions of FrancisK7's message #14202299 « Husband/Wife Teams and Newborns »