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Andrew Pece Photography
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Re: Upgraded to CC finally - What did I just Buy?

butchM wrote:
Andrew Pece Photography wrote:
I often hear "Lightroom was built for photographers". I'm not sure that's such a shining accolade for it considering pretty much every photograph you will ever see in any top notch magazine has probably been processed through Photoshop, at least to some extent.

Lightroom is for photographer, but what kind of photographers? I'd surmise, the type that take a single photo, and deliver that single photo, which there is nothing wrong with of course. Walk into the office of the guys doing all the cutting edge photography in fashion, product, architecture, you name it, and most of them are in ps all day. But, I thought there was a program built for photographers. So, why aren't they in there?

In some ways, that is an absurd assertion.

Many of those so-called 'top notch' magazines do take most all published photos into Ps ... not necessarily because they feel they need to but because they have been taught that 'cutting edge fashion' requires them to morph their models into someone the model's own family would never recognize. As chez points out, the folks doing these types of process are not really photographers but graphics artists. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that. Ps is the proper tool for such work..

The use of Ps in a workflow alone should not discount that Lightroom can be extremely valuable as the foundation most all photographers, of any genre, could utilize for their workflow. Which is why Adobe provides both Lr and Ps in the CC Photography Package.

OTH if you were a photographer working for a 'cutting edge' news/sports/journalism publication, making such extreme unnecessary edits in Ps could be grounds for dismissal.

It's quite unfair to place all 'photographers' into one basket and feel that we should all march to the same drum beat. The absences of the use in Ps during the workflow process does not make one an inferior photographer. Nor does the adding hours of effort and dozens of layers in Photoshop equate to being a superior photographer.

To apply a one-size-fits-all label is just not appropriate or accurate.

I'm not trying to knock anybody's process. But look, professional commercial photos we see everyday were edited in Photoshop. You don't have to like that, but it's the truth. It's the truth because these are the types of refined photos that corporate America has found to work, and they are throwing the big bucks at this stuff so they know. So, the question becomes, if lr is the amazing editing tool built for photographers, why is hardly any of the work done at the pinnacle of photography (from commercial to artistic) being done in Lightroom? Again, this is a real knock on Lightroom in my estimation. If it's built for photographers, why couldn't they find a way to make it the tool of choice?

I agree of course there are no superior workflows, I'm just commenting on the percentages of what people are actually doing. How high end photographs nowadays are making it to their final destination. Somebody is tasked with taking a photograph of the president and First Lady, and I'm betting the photo is going into ps for some serious work, and the examples could continue on.

As I mentioned, if you deliver photographs straight out of your camera, lr is a great tool. I just don't think the average person knows how high the percentage of photos they see everyday were edited in ps. It's pretty much at or near 100%.

You can liken photography to baseball (in response to the other poster's comment that): you need to hit good, but to be very good, you need to play good defense too. In photography, you've got to be good in post, and I do believe that goes beyond being able to move a few sliders around in Lightroom.

Sep 24, 2017 at 07:37 PM

  Previous versions of Andrew Pece Photography's message #14193448 « Upgraded to CC finally - What did I just Buy? »