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gordon l
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The 5 Waterfalls of Zion's Right Fork

Maybe I should include "mighty" in the title because of Utah's "Mighty Five" publicity campaign.
This May I explored up the Right Fork as far as anyone can go from the bottom up: Barrier Falls. I backpacked in and slept overnight, as a journey this far would not be feasible in a single day. The first waterfall is best known and very lovely. Above that landmark, things get sketchy and scratchy . . . but also rewarding. I discovered 5 major waterfalls in this canyon and photographed them all for your enjoyment. Here they are in order from bottom to top.
Only the 1st and last have real names. The others are dubbed names by me.

#1 Double Falls: this beauty usually has 2 main pour-offs but in the Spring high water, 3 or 4 can appear. That submerged rock on the left is dry in the Fall.

#2 "Boulders Falls" named by me because of the huge jumble of large rocks jammed in here.

#3 "Silky Falls" with some lovely little flowers finding a place to grow in the crack of sandstone.

Here's another shot of Silky Falls I like too.

#4 "Secret Oasis" falls. I shared this one on FM in the summer but include it here for completeness

#5 Barrier Falls. This waterfall doesn't really splash down anywhere. It broadly drizzles down the rock. But I must include it because if you make it this far up the canyon, that's an accomplishment! Seeing how steep it is, it should be apparent why it's called "barrier". You can't go any further.
The tall pine tree on the left is the same tree in "Secret Oasis" fall just before this one.

Sep 24, 2017 at 04:19 PM

  Previous versions of gordon l's message #14193248 « The 5 Waterfalls of Zion's Right Fork (+3) »