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Re: GFX users

I have D850, A7r ii and GFX. They all serve different purpose though. For landscape work, I still prefer GFX. If I pixel peep, I still think that resolution of GFX picture looks better. How much of it is from the 50 MP with bigger pixels and how much of it is from the lenses, I cannot tell but I think GFX has an advantage here. For portrait, I am very happy with either and would shoot with both cameras with different focal lenght lenses together. However, I do shoot birds and animals as well and that's where D850 excels. AF in general, D850 is much much better and I would say that live view focusing is very similar and D850 actually has better LCD screen and with peaking/magnifier, manual lenses are much easier to use with Nikon now but I still miss EVF for manual focusing though.
Personally, I really love the new WB options on D850 more than GFX WB but that is easily corrected in post. All in all, one is not clearly better than the other in everything so I am happy to have both to use depending on what I want to do.

PS A7r ii is still an excellent camera that I use when I need something smaller to stick in my bag. I tend to use it more with either batis, loxia or Leica M lenses for light, small setup.

Sep 22, 2017 at 11:08 PM

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