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sputnik wrote:
gdanmitchell wrote:
sputnik wrote:
I wanted a camera that slowed me down... I want to be more deliberate in my photography.

I have never understood this reasoning. There is nothing about a DSLR (or other camera) that forces you to work quickly – you can work just as slowly and deliberately as you would with a view camera. (In fact, I've worked in groups of photographers in which the LF film guy actually got his shot faster than the DSLR guys did!)


What can I say Dan, it's a personal thing. I've become increasingly sloppy with my technique the last couple of years and a part of has to do with the fact that modern cameras let me get away with it. True story. Nothing more than matter of preference. I guess I could add the 4:3 ratio also apeals to me at this point in time. In short, the Fujis inspire me (and I know a lot of people think that is a bs argument) in a way that my (now sold) Nikon bodies have not done. In short, I'm weak - if there is a shortcut, I'll be prone to take it.

I share your preference for the 4:3 ratio. In fact, I normally crop my 3:2 full frame images to 4:3. That is one of the plus factors of the miniMF cameras for me. (I replied to your post in the Canon forum with more on the points to compare.)

Again regarding the "working slow" notion, a couple things. First, I have to acknowledge that this is a subjective thing — more or less as you admit — and that logic may not be compelling. Second, from my point of view, recognizing that quite often — even with supposedly slow genres like landscape — I do have to work quickly, I value cameras that allow me to choose my mode of working — fast when I need fast and slow when I don't.

I'm not certain what kinds of photography you intend to do with the GFX if you get it. However, the camera and similar miniMF bodies are interesting to those who do landscape. And the truth of the matter regarding landscape is that much of it is not done slowly! I could cite plenty of my own stories, where I had to work incredibly quickly to capture something before the light or mist disappeared, or I could cite stories of some pretty important classic photographs that were created while working with extreme speed. (The story of Adams' "Moonrise, Hernandez..." photograph is one such tale.)

Finally, to the extent that you are looking to the GFX to be a camera that compels you to work more slowly, I think you may be disappointed. In fact, it is, in most ways, a larger version of the Fujifilm x-trans bodies... and those are cameras designed with features that allow the photographer to work quite quickly. (That is why I use the XPro2 for my street photography.) One of the innovative features of the GFX (where it perhaps even improves on the Pentax 645z) is that Fujifilm leverages their mature and responsive interface from the smaller cropped sensor cameras. The only place that it really slows down a bit is that burst mode is slow.

So, of all the interesting reasons for looking at the GFX, in reality I think that "makes me work more slowly" isn't really so much the case. In that regard, the GFX plus the 63mm lens will be much like the XT2 plus the 35mm lens or a Sony A7Rii with a 50mm lens only.

Take care, and good luck with your decision.


Sep 22, 2017 at 09:18 PM

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