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D850, now confirmed spec, what you think?

Finally, got the camera. I spend 20 mins to set it up as I wanted and shoot a few tens of frame testing AF and low light file and also LCD. Make it simple: 'home run'.

I will not post here but join Nikon forum later (given that talk SLR seems no one care now ). This is a last post to conclude this thread.

A short summary:

If you come from D810, you won't feel as 'WOW' as from lower model from Nikon or any MILC I have used. Otherwise, be prepare to be shocked

1. VF is definitely nicer but not significantly so compare to DF I have on hand. No comparison to Leica S. (no more D810). I will attach DK17 magnifying eyepiece later. It is double edge sword though from my past experience, it also reduce contrast.
2. AF can see in the dark. and extreme accurate on all the point tested even with 'Sigma art'. AF-C is pretty awesome at night with 50G and 85G.
3. Skin tone from JPG, I am pretty sure it was improved compare to D810, especially orange yellow, more uniform less blotch under artificial light. I need play raw to draw full conclusion. but for now, I can conclude it is the best out of last generation Nikon. (pretty sure) keep in mind, this is personal.
4. LV is super good, I tested in almost full darkness, I still can focus. This is a huge improvement compare to D810. I am pretty sure this will make star shooting feasible.
5. low light high ISO color cast is gone, this is huge to me. the benefit can be seen along the way from ISO3200 up to ISO25600. Compare to D810, I'd say DR at low light might more than 1 stop visually. seems this is not reflected on Bill's sensor measurement compare to D810. But purple color cast is gone make file look way nicer. For night shooting, you always need push shadow somewhat if you have foreground. Noise is fine for most case but not color cast. So I would say this is at least a stop better night camera than D810 in real world.
6. green point focus aid. This is important feature for me. At the time I got D800e, I report right away that I don't feel it improve upon D700. So was D810 and DF. but this time, I can say it improved by using OTUS and Sigma art 85mm around house. The focus range is much tight for green dot on. AND it can focus almost full darkness. NICE!. I wasn't able to test it at long distance outdoor yet. So stay tuned.
7. LCD is best I have used for viewing during LV or image review (instant, and can be set 50% upto 200%), and you can use it like iphone to zoom in and scroll around, there is no lag, NO LAG. double tap will bring you 100% if you set it different before. Focus on LV, you have the option to focus and shoot at the same time. pretty handy. the option is on screen, you don't need dig dig dig into manual.
8. Control and ergonomics, I don't have complain for D810, this one is even better by adding all way button for focus point and having ISO to right side is big plus to me. They also as fn button for me use it to bring up customer manual. (I use AEL before which is gone, no big deal. I never use that AEL button than bring customer manual )

Any cons? Sure:

1. it is heavy with the lenses I tried. (OTUS and Art) well, what you can expect.
2. There is no noticeable build difference compare to D810. not a bad thing but definitely not as good as D700 or D3/4/5. I can appreciate 200~300g weight reduction though. so no complain. The grip handle is deeper but not wider, I still prefer holding D700's fat grip.
3. Manual system get more complicated after each revision with added feature. This definitely indicate there is always market for DF2 if they do things right. 90% is unnecessary. They can learn something from Leica here. Though after 10 mins setup and with customer manual, I am sure I don't need surf into manual ever. but for first time Nikon user, this could be overwhelming.
4. use touch scree for manual scroll is not very good. it is not icon based but drop down list so flip pg is not as intuitive as smart phone device. but no big deal, I just use old way and I seldom need go to manual for Nikon system.

As you can see there is no much to say about its flaw. That is exact as I expected in the beginning of this thread.

BTW, there is almost no difference in term of shutter sound and damp compare to D810. A big release for me.

Sep 20, 2017 at 07:04 PM

  Previous versions of zhangyue's message #14188695 « D850, now confirmed spec, what you think? »