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R.H. Johnson
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don't get it twisted. this is not about the dividends required to run this website. after all it is not that expensive monetarily to host a website. logically the paid memberships could cover the hosting fees. the issue is about bottom line profit.. every time someone uses those links in a partnership program to buy anything miranda gets a percentage of the sale, profit. capitalism plain and simple. profit not for the site but for fred miranda. fred is protecting his profit which is exactly what a business is supposed to do.

i have no problem with making money or capitalism. that's the american way. it is his site and there is nothing wrong with running the site as a business for profit. that is what businesses do. however, game does recognize game. it is quite disingenuous for fred to censor this site and not make a clear distinction between one's profit and subsistence as far as FM is concerned. damn i'm learning about sponsored partnership links to institue on my own website.

i don't like censorship it's contrary to freedom of speech. corporate censorship is insidious in its very nature. it saddens me to see such a fine upstanding young man with a truly good website and online community become a victim of corporate manipulation for profit's sake.

censorship, now that it has begun where does it end? hmmm, just my 2 cents. end of line.....

Sep 12, 2017 at 08:00 AM

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