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Re: 1st weekend of football

OP - Unless it's dark out, 1/800 is on the slow side and risky IMO. In SS mode with Auto ISO, it may also give you too much DOF. If you are already using Auto ISO, then just use M mode and set your shutter to 1/2000+ for daytime & 1/1000 at night, and set your aperture to f/2.8-4 (max) and it will sort itself out. This way you can control both shutter and depth of field. That's how I use it and works great.

As far as the 3 images you posted go, if you have the light for f/4, think about adding a 1.4x extender to your 300mm f/2.8. You'd get a nice, tight 420mm f/4, which would have helped IMO on the 3d image, as it's too loose for my liking. Also the first I think too, as there a too many elements that distract (and both are already cropped too). The best one is the 2nd, but see (and it's not a big deal in this shot at all) how at 1/800 you get that hand to be blurry?

PureMichigan - doesn't sound crazy at all. I think about that all the time, and wonder why some places have such boring, dark, bland, uniforms. But you can make even a boring one pop a bit by using the light. Here's one I shot this past Friday night of the QB. Uniform looks better here than in real life (where it's a more dull/darker blue), but I positioned myself to get him under the lights bouncing off him. That also made the background fall out, all for the better. Light was bad as usual - 1/1000 f/2.8 ISO 10,000! No room for exposure errors in this kind of bad light!

Sep 11, 2017 at 01:01 PM

  Previous versions of bu82's message #14177312 « 1st weekend of football »