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Re: L-Bracket for D850

daggah wrote:
Not sure you understand the definition of the word "proprietary" when your example has you using an expensive tailor-made l-bracket that only works on one specific camera model, vs the setup I've described working with any camera only requiring a standard arca-swiss plate permanently attached to the camera. The M-Plate Pro as described is only there to provide a BlackRapid attachment point; if I didn't use that system it wouldn't have even been mentioned. I've never needed access to those side panels while using an l-bracket but if that were important to me, I could probably adjust the clamp alignment to enable that.

I will repeat myself yet again: if you can't "see" the use for one you don't need it

if you had a use for one you'd never take it off.

Sep 06, 2017 at 01:12 PM

  Previous versions of sjms's message #14170925 « L-Bracket for D850 »