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Really Right Stuff Strap-Clamp Opinion

So, just received this today.

It's going back today as well.

I could not find many opinions about this strap on-line, so I thought I would share what I found. For background, the main setup I am trying to carry with it is a Canon 6D + 24-70 f/2.8 II + 600EX-RT. My current favorite strap is the SunSniper. I have also tried and returned: Peak Design Sling, Carry Speed Extreme, and the Black Rapid.

So, here are my thoughts on the clamp:

1. The clamp itself is typical RRS high-quality. Love it. Clear positive.

2. The QD system works great. Small, unintrusive, yet very secure and very stable. Another clear positive.

3. However, the documentation indicates that it requires maintenance, which includes not only cleaning, but oiling. Sure, all gear needs maintenance. But this adds an extra element (or two extra elements if you include the QD that makes the strap a loop; everything else I have is just strap and clamp, no QD device in between), but the real issue is that the maintenance requires oil. For me, this is a negative.

But all in all, I am happy with the clamp.

The real problem is the strap. Not to put too fine a point to it, the strap sucks.

It really does.

Now, it should be noted that the strap is not actually an RRS product, but a third-party off-the-shelf 2-point/1-point rifle sling/strap: Magpul Gen 2 MS4 Dual QD Sling. And here is what I think is wrong with it when used as a camera strap.

1. There is a dangly bit connecting the swivel to the loop. This means that even when the strap is cinched tight up against your body, there is a piece of strap hanging down with your camera attached to it swinging like a pendulum from hell.

2. When the strap is cinched tight against your body, if you are wearing light clothing, EVERYTHING cuts into you. The strap itself cuts into your neck, but worse, the buckles do as well wherever they end up. With a little bit of careful adjustment you can avoid or at least minimize the buckle problem --- but whether that "little bit" is 30 seconds or 5 minutes, it is a major pain. Especially since after you loosen the strap to shoot and you cinch it up again, it's a roll of dice whether or not you have to adjust everything again.

3. The strap has no padding whatsover. So, even if you set it up so that the buckles do not bite into you (and there is no easy way to avoid the strap edge cutting into your neck if you have it cinched up tight), you are going to feel the weight of the rig very quickly. This is made worse by the pendulum effect of the camera swinging on its dangly bit. For comparison, I have carried the 6D + 24-70 f/2.8 + flash all day without feeling it all with the SunSniper.

4. The design is for you to slide the whole strap assembly up and down to shoot, as the camera is attached to a fixed point on the strap (like the Peak Design or Joby), rather the camera up and down on a non-moving strap (like the SunSniper or BlackRapid). Opinion differs as to which is better or whether it matters at all. Folks who like the camera-fixed-on-strap solution say that they prefer the stability over the camera free to slide up and down. Well, that benefit is blown out of the water by the crazy pendulum effect I describe above. So we loose a lot of the stability benefit of the fixed-camera-on-strap, and retain all the downsides: it is a lot slower to pull to shooting position, makes a louder sound (may not seem like much when shooting in the city, but in the woods it really makes a difference), and, worst of all, it is simply incredibly clumsy to use if you have anything else on your back (e.g., like a backpack).

I am sure that there are other opinions out there, and I am sure that there are at least some folks for whom the RRS solution works well. So, the standard disclaimer applies: YMMV.

I am also sure that many of my concerns can be addressed by workarounds or patches etc. or just be considered NBD and lived with. But for $120, I do not think one should be forced to workaround or just live with these negatives (which, in any case, I DO consider a big deal), especially since there are some really good straps tout there for as much or less, that do not have these negatives.

I am aware that one can use the clamp system with any other strap because you can get the swivel bit separately. And, so, for those folks you who like the idea of the QD system (despite the maintenance-with-oil issue), this is what I would recommend. But, as things stand for me now, I would really not recommend the stock strap as offered.

Aug 30, 2017 at 06:52 PM

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