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Re: First Sony Impression

What you're feeling is not the price of the Sony lenses but the absence of the Tamron and sigma equivalent for half the price and the lack of used sigma and Tamron 2.8 offerings for a few hundred bucks.
Overall I would say Sony and Nikon are pretty similar priced, Canon is a little cheaper with some focal lengths.
If you want to use Sony in a budget, it's different than Canon and Nikon on a budget.
With canikon you're getting ok quality auto focusing glass for a good price, manual focusing without focus peaking and without Ibis is not reliable for most people so that's what you get. With Sony in 2017, you won't be able to buy good cheap auto focus lenses (with a few exceptions) but you can get really high image quality manual focus glass. You have to manual focus, but you can manual focus a lot easier and in the end you're getting better image quality.

Of course you can use manual focus glass on canikon as well, but not as easily adaptable and not as good, so you can use cheaper auto focus lenses on Sony with adapter, but they won't work as good as they do on a canon.

What's better? That's up to your personal preference, it's just different.

Aug 23, 2017 at 01:29 PM

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