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Fuji X-T2 First Impressions coming from Nikon...

Here's the back story...I have been a nikon shooter forever, but got lucky in that a colleague was selling his entire Fuji kit so I grabbed it. The kit included an X-T2 body along with a whole slew of lenses and the power grip for the body. I set up the body this afternoon, strapped on the 100-400mm, and went outside in our yard to snap a few shots. I've attached a few for reference below...

--Very solidly built. The body feels like a nikon, the lenses feel like the sigma high end lenses. While lighter than our nikon gear, not super light.
--Controls will take some getting used to. They are all there, obviously laid out differently. I think nikon wins this one. Pretty cramped body with all the buttons and dials on it. Lots of options on setting things up the way you want including dedicated custom buttons.
--Back button af--You can do it, but because the body is smaller, it is so far a bit uncomfortable. I may try using a different custom button for focus, but the way my thumb falls, no button is where I would like it for af.
--AF speed--nikon is the winner here, not surprisingly. You can clearly get good focus, but sometimes not nearly as fast as my d500 for sure. But pretty workable, at least for stable subjects. I am worried about tracking focus (bif), but had no birds to track this afternoon. I look forward to seeing how it does on moving subjects.
--Speed other than af seems very good.
--IQ--looks beautiful so far, and fuji is famous for having great colors. See attached phots for examples of flowers. High iso, not surprisingly, is not as good as nikon full frame or d500 bodies. Looks like they will clean up in post ok, but I didn't try any real high iso shots yet. Should be fine in most circumstances.
--Lenses--well I have a bunch of them. The only one I really used is the 100-400mm (which I used for all the sample shots attached), and that looks like a great lens in terms of sharpness all the way out to 400mm. Fuji is known for having really good lenses so this is no surprise.

So I'm impressed after playing around this afternoon. There are compromises, but also big weight gains. Could be very interesting for traveling, or for hiking/bike rides. Much better than the nikon mirrorless that I have, but for the $$ it should be.

Test shots below (not the most artistic, but some things I shoot with all my new gear to get a comparison)...all with 100-400, so I wasn't even using the best lens for the flower shots. I know I have a macro in the pile somewhere.....

Aug 17, 2017 at 12:37 AM

  Previous versions of cohenfive's message #14146977 « Fuji X-T2 First Impressions coming from Nikon... »