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Re: New England/Upstate NY foliage trip

Ed McGuirk wrote:
I live in New England, and have photographed fall color for the past 25 years. If you are arriving on 10/6 and only staying for about one week, then I think you don't have enough time to visit Letchworth, Vermont, the White Mountains of NH, and Acadia in one trip. Each of these locations might deserve 4 to 7 days each (and the drive from Letchworth to New England would consume a half day at least). Your dates would be ideal for a trip to Northern/Central Vermont and the White Mountains. Because Acadia is on the ocean, it often turns later than VT/NH, and Acadia peaks from about 10/12 to 10/18. your dates could be a little early for Acadia.

My advice would be to hit VT and NH. It depends what you want to photograph. Vermont has more of the farms/barns/churches/classic New England village greens, etc. VT Rich has pointed you to Northeast VT (Peacham/Groton SF). That area has the classic New England farm/village look as well as some more wilderness landscapes. IMO that area of Vermont is the best, far better than Stowe or Manchester. The White Mountains of New Hampshire are better for mountain views, waterfalls, and rivers with more of a wilderness feel. Focus your efforts on the Kancamagus highway between Lincoln and Conway, Crawford Notch, and Pinkham Notch near Mt. Washington. Lots of waterfalls in Crawford Notch. The Kancamagus highway is the ultimate foliage trip, but you will not be alone......

If you base out of St. Johnsbury Vt or Lincoln, NH, you can easily visit Northeast Vermont and the White mountains of NH from the same location.

As far as foliage timing, it is a crapshoot and very dependent on weather. But we have had a cooler, rainy spring and summer so far. Right now this leans towards an early/normal peak. But hot, dry weather in Aug/Sep can make things late. 2015 was such a year, and peak was two weeks late. By shifting your dates to start on 10/6 you have hedged your bet as far as VT/NH goes, and you will get something there in the second week of October no matter whether it is early/normal/late for peak.

Thanks Ed for the comment. I have about 12 days for the trip so a bit more than a week.

My current plan is to be in Manchester area on October 5th, which is the first day of the trip, then head to Montpelier that night and stay there the following 3 days (6-8th). While there I plan to go to Lake Champlain, Stowe, Mount Manfield, and hope to visit Peacham/Groton area.

Then on the 9th, leave Montpelier, and driving up Mt. Washington and then go to Franconia Notch State Park, then drive thru Kancagamus Highway heading toward Maine.
I'm just not sure how many hours I will be in Franconia Notch. Hopefully I will have some time to photograph Kancagamus Highway. Any specific locations on Kancagamus that I should look out for or just pull over on the side of the road and take pictures?

If it goes as planned I hope to spend the next 4 days in Acadia (Oct 10-13th) then on the 13th head toward Upstate NY, driving as far as I can. The following 2 days I plan to visit Taughnnock Falls, Buttermilk Falls, and Letchworth and then come back home to NJ on the 15th. I'm off on the 16th too but would be nice to have a day off before going back to work.

At this point I need to research Manchester area and see what's out there and figure out how long it will take to hike in the Franconia Notch State Park. I think Flume Gorge is the popular spot there.

I will look into the areas you've mentioned. I have an option to push my dates 2 days but not sure if that will make a huge difference.


Jul 29, 2017 at 02:29 PM

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