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Re: The hot debate, Fuji and Sony

thenoilif wrote:
kesava wrote:
I dunno, I get more from the feel and extension of a system more than from charts and corner sharpness at 300% on a gray wall with a box of crayons. Just my opinion, but caring so deeply about mega pixels at this size and dof is very, pedantic and misguided. The difference are personal preference. These are crutches and limiters to true creativity. Do I need shallow doc from time to time? Yes. Does that mean I need a 200/2 to get compression and isolation? No. Get the shot and use your skill. Seems like this might be a sore spot for people.

I ask you this, if true creativity is your main driving force, why choose a system that limits that? With FF you have greater flexibility with frame size, and with DoF. With more megapixeles, you have greater flexibility in post-processing. In addition, you have two amazing cameras that practically cover every aspect of photography that you could do so you seem to be all set. Why the need to prove which one is better?

Lastly, what's with that personal jibe at the end? I don't see anyone making personal comments but you. I think everyone has responded reasonably. Just because they disagree with you doesn't mean that their opinions are driven by some overwhelming need to defend their preferences due to some emotional deficiency.

it does seem sore. I was expected to compare equivalent DOF and lens lengths, etc. Which this wasn't ever my intent. I don't mean it personally. In a photography forum, the ends justifies the means. If you read my OP you'd see that I couldn't choose which one was better, because they both had flaws and perks. And if anyone was cross shopping, like I was, essentially, you're screwed. The reasons you find to like one system is a take away from the other. The best camera in the world is the one you have with you.

Jul 26, 2017 at 03:52 AM

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