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Re: Nikon 28mm f/1.4E ED Image Thread

JohnK007 wrote:
Depth of Feel wrote:
This thread has gone crickets meanwhile its been shipping for a few days now.

I have one on my desk that I plan to use this weekend. But the silence has me wondering if some regret is sinking in.

Wow, how lame. Just fishing for something negative to say, without any justification

I guess if people don't constantly talk about a lens (99% don't even have yet), that's a 'bad sign'?

I think the shots look terrific. This lens is beyond what a comparable Sigma Art lens can produce. If you bothered to read the Camera Labs review, this lens excels in sharpness, bokeh, and rendering. You can't get its level of performance ... in any 24, 28, or 35 lens at f/1.4 ... unless it's an Otus. That's the selling point.

The article clearly stated the Sigma not only wasn't as sharp, but "cannot match" the bokeh of the 28 f1/4E ... where the Nikkor 28 had comparable bokeh to the Otus 28, was sharper in the center, but not quite as sharp at the edges. If you're photographing people, food, or center-weighted subjects ... the extreme center sharpness with gradual softening toward the edges is actually an enhancement to the already-superb, Otus-like bokeh.

Also, being a top-tier AF lens, this means a person hand-holding will likely nail a far-higher percentage of low-light shots with this 28 f/1.4, in perfect focus, than someone using an Otus ... who is "hoping" his 1.4 shots come out in perfect focus, while relying on his eye-through-the-viewfinder alone.

If you're having personal buyer's remorse, because you spent more than your piggy bank contained, then keep it to yourself. But don't project the fact you spent more than you can afford onto the lens itself ... which is above the Sigma level, almost Otus-like, at half the weight, half the price, and with better AF than Sigma's backwards-engineering will ever produce.

You got all that...from the guy saying thet it's relatively quiet in the thread. You're quite the detective. I hope your wife never smiles at anyone, so you don't end up accusing her of having a passionate affair with the smile recipient.

Jul 13, 2017 at 06:14 PM

  Previous versions of eke2k6's message #14105402 « Nikon 28mm f/1.4E ED Image Thread »