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Re: LensRentals very impressed by the FE 12-24/4G

Aztatlan wrote:
RCicala wrote:
There have been FE lens where I said 'you can shoot the native lens and it's as good as anything else', but from an MTF standpoint this is the first time I've said 'the native lens is better than anything else'.

I'm totally impressed that they did this while making it so small and light.

Thanks for your efforts, as always it is greatly appreciated.

On the topic of sample variation your blog mentions that the 12-24 appears well controlled in this regard. Whilst good news, do you think there is any risk that the 10 copies Sony supplied you have been "cherry picked" or represent a better-than-average sample due to not being retail stock?

Will you be planning on retesting the variation with 10 retail units?

I'll definitely test Lensrentals stock as it comes in and those are bought off the shelf like you would.

I'm sure some effort was made to cherry pick, it's normal in the industry. By that I mean if there was an awful copy it probably would have been spotted and removed from the group

Could they have hand-picked 10 really copies that were really sharp, and most won't be that way? Well, we're flirting with nondisclosure agreements, but my fairly informed opinion is no, they couldn't and no they didn't.

I know most people think the manufacturers have lots and lots of test equipment. Most people are really wrong. Think about it: I test lenses for several manufacturers, and consult with them about testing methods. They don't have me do that because they have much better testing equipment and more accurate tests.

Metrology (optical testing) hasn't changed much in decades, most of what is used was developed for film. High resolution sensors have them all scrambling now. A couple of companies have already made testing adjustments, but most are just now realizing they need to make changes, and that takes some years to do.

Jun 28, 2017 at 01:33 AM

  Previous versions of RCicala's message #14087626 « LensRentals very impressed by the FE 12-24/4G »