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Lance B
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Re: Sigma 500mm F4

Creative Edge wrote:
Thang wrote:
I tried one and returned it. My experience with it wasn't as positive as some other folks. I bought the lens with the intention of using it primarily to photograph birds in flight which I love to do. I used it exclusively with the D500. With the copy I had, AF-C wasn't as stable as my two other primary lenses - 200-500 VR and 600 f/4G VR. In bursts of 30 shots or so, I would constantly get sharp/oof/sharp/oof/sharp...images. Regardless of what AF block delay sensitivity I set it at, the lens had a mind of its own. It didn't respond very well with the camera in this regard. The unstable AF-C reminded my of my Canon setup (7D2 and 600 IS II) which was the whole reason why I dumped Canon.

The unstable AF-C wasn't as bad with larger birds, i.e. Canadian Geese, Great Blue Heron...But with birds about Mallard size or smaller, the AF was unreliable. Don't get me wrong, when the image is sharp, it's tack sharp. But I just don't like the inconsistencies it gave me.

$6k with unstable AF-C as well AF-S is just not worth it to me. YMMV

Thang, did you try adjusting the focus speed with the Sigma Doc.
The 120-300 2.8 Sport did something similar until I used the doc and selected the fasted focus speed.

Which brings up the question, why do you have to adjust to get the fastest focus speed via the Sigma dock? I mean, wouldn't they just install the fastest shutter speed direct from the factory? If they don't then surely there is a reason for this, maybe that it is less accurate?

Jun 13, 2017 at 10:17 PM

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