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Re: Techart PRO FAQ

genji wrote:
Fred Miranda wrote:
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the TechArt Pro adapter.
However, as others have reported on this and other threads, there is design flaw that needs to be addressed by TechArt.

The issue is how the 'lens carrier' (the section that moves in and out) was designed. It will develop a wobble after a while because its top area it's not supported at all!
The heavier the lens, the faster it will wobble but it's an issue even if only using light lenses.

Point in case: I have tried three brand new adapters and used them solely with two lenses: Zeiss 50/1.5C and Zeiss 35/1.4. The latter is only about 380g. Within a month of usage, the wobble started to happen in all three adapters.

It's easy to test yours: Just make the adapter extend and press the top of the 'lens carrier'. If it moves inwards as you press it, your adapter has the wobble.

Is this really a problem?
Yes, it is. This wobble acts like a lens decentering because of the lack of parallelism and will make your corners look asymmetric. It will also affect the adapter's ability to focus with accuracy and speed.

It's a hardware issue and I hope Techart addresses it for a next version of this adapter.

Just to clarify, Fred. When you say to press the top of the 'lens carrier', which section of the TAP are you referring to: the outer one (red arrow) or the inner one (green arrow)?

Thank you for the illustrative clarification

Apr 13, 2017 at 12:54 AM

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