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High end Pro Nikon vs Canon Setup

Hi Ladies and Gents. I took a year long hiatus from my wedding photography / Videography business and sold everything.

Now itís time to buy new gear again and start all over. Iím mostly shooting weddings and Various types of Portraits. I also do videography from time to time (commercials and weddings). And will defiantly need 4k capability AND 120 fps 1080p for slow-mo detail shots. My still to video ratio is about 70/30. But both are needed.

My budget is pretty high (without going medium format). $ 15k Ė 17k (since Iím operating as a business Iím able to write a lot of it off on my taxes next year) and Iíll be buying a lot of the gear used if possible.

I have selected these setups for specific reasons for my needs and the way I work. I know there are different, cheaper, maybe better setups but everything on my list has a purpose. If youíd like to give advice Iíd love to hear it but no, Iím not using 2 x of the same body. (on purpose) Because throughout my years of shooting Iíve found that I donít need that.. Iíd much rather have two bodies that complement each other rather (high speed and high MP or speed and 4k video) than having the benefit of ďmuscle memory.Ē on the same body.

Please let me know if youd go with the Nikon/Sony or Canon setup. Please try to keep the votes unbiased, i dont give a rats sass as to what brand I use if it gets the job done.

Apr 10, 2017 at 08:22 PM

  Previous versions of juvx's message #13994767 « High end Pro Nikon vs Canon Setup »