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Re: Pre-order: Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 APO ($1,999)

. I do have a need for it even though the Rokinon 135 is just sweet as can be , I can use AF on gigs like events, podium and even runway type work. Given that it's smaller than the Rokinon it would have been nice here in Texas shooting this gig. Even though the Rokinon is killing it. I could also use it for portraits as I normally throw my 85 into APSC mode anyway.the price hurts a bunch but I'll pull it off at some point. Since I sold the GM 85 because of the AF speed I also know I downgraded some bokeh. My sort of plan was get the 50 1.4 again and use the Sony 85 and get a real good 135. The Sigma does pop up because I could use the speed but we also have to think next gen cam will the higher ISO be even better. If so than you pick up on any noise issues. Really lots to weigh in here. My biggest problem in this long career is I do everything as far as what I get hired for. I'm really all over the map. So in a sense I'm a generalist which is non specific and requires a diverse set of tools. If I shot food than maybe only two lenses I would ever need. Unfortunately sort of that is the case with me I just need everything. . So I'm stuck buying a big range of glass. I'm in the field right now with the CV12, Firin 20, ZM 25,35,85 and the Rokinon 135. Most used lens without even looking the ZM 85 than the 135 and right now I would kill for a 50 I don't have. I need a damn locker room full.

This is going to take some discussion between my ears with the Devil and the Angel. This still does not hide the fact it's overpriced and going to kill my wallet. That's a given

DavidBM wrote:
GMPhotography wrote:
We need a betting pool , who is going to wait the longest and who is going to fold first.

Guy I folded within seconds of the preorder going up.

I'm going to sell my F2 version.

To be fair to me it's not pure GAS. This is a lens I've wanted for like a decade, but thought I would never see.

A moderately fast, fairly compact, relatively light otherwise no compromise medium tele.

I've been moaning to anyone who would listen that we live in an era of huge fast zooms, huge super fast zooms, and compromised in IQ budget smaller lenses. And I thought we'd never see another 2.8/135, especially with AF, because of the market. People would say it's too slow for them, or that it overlaps with their fast zoom, and that Ian no compromise except speed prime is too expensive for what it is.

Well I was right about what they would say! And for some of them they are right about their own needs.

Apr 05, 2017 at 10:39 PM

  Previous versions of GMPhotography's message #13988811 « Reduced: Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 APO ($1,899) »