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Re: Pre-order: Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium Format body ($6,499)

Lee Saxon wrote:
suteetat wrote:
Yesterday was a bit annoying as I was trying out a few different f stops on a few lenses and by the time I got home, I forgot half of the setting I tried

Since I started shooting alt I started carrying a notepad. Fuji needs to allow you to manually enter at least focal length and maximum aperture as does Nikon, that makes it much easier. In certain "slow" shooting scenarios I even just manually change the aperture every time and avoid needing the notepad.

How are you finding using the camera? What do you think about Lloyd Chamber's hate for it?

Last night I just found 'mount adaptor setting' that would let me enter focal lenght but not aperture. The camera will keep record of 6 lenses.
So far, my experience is very positive overall. I saw that Lloyd was complaininb about focus shift on 120/4 but since I don't subscribe to his site, I don't really know what else he is complaining about. My main complain for the camera would be that in comparison to A7r ii, face detection and eye detection is slower although Fuji gives more option for eye detection. Low light AF performance is quite poor and sometimes AF will lock and let me shoot even though it is not really in focus. Low light AF performance is much worse than my D500, A7r ii is quite a bit better. My guess would be that it is similar to Leica SL. EVF is nice, big and bright but for critical focusing using focus magnifier to nail the eye, I find it is easier to do on A7r ii as well as SL. It seems that resolution on EVF on both A7r ii and SL is better. I am not 100% sure about comparison to A7r ii but so far it seems a bit easier to me with A7r ii. SL EVF on the other hand is significantly better than any other EVF I tried. Handling of the body is perfectly fine. Easier to hold with big lenses than A7r ii, menu is easier to navigate than Sony. All the buttons are easily accessible while holding camera in shooting grip except for picture review and delete button that I could not quite reach with my thumb and have to change grip position to reach it. Image display after shooting option is a bit strange, 0.5s, 1.5s or permanent until I press shutter button again.
I find both .5 and 1.5s too fast and I could not review anything adequately and permanent option is a bit annoying. Hopefully Fuji will allow 3-4s options in the future. That would be more useful for me. So far nothing that is a deal breaker for me. Some limitations, I will have to work around it and some, I am sure can be fixed with fw. At least I am starting MF with a mindset that it is not going to be a fast pace camera and it is a mirrorless so I don't expect it to perform like a dslr to start of with. So for me, handling is not perfect. My ideal body for me as far as ergonomic and function is concerned right now is my D500. My A7r ii, SL and GFX is not quite there yet but each has its own strong point and a few annoying things but nothing that I would consider deal breaker.

Mar 29, 2017 at 11:52 PM

  Previous versions of suteetat's message #13980296 « Pre-order: Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium Format body ($6,499) »