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Gregg B.
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A few from Sierra Nevada

I see a lot of people from this forum visited Sierra Nevada mountain range recently. I was there in February and March for a few days as well, scouting the place.... Here are a few of my shots I took both months.

1. This is a sunset shot of White Mountains. I was kind of running late that day and could not found anything to frame the mountains with, so I decided to take the shot of just colorful peaks (colors lasted about 20 seconds).

2. A sunrise shot of Mt. Whitney. I did hike a bit to this location but not much (maybe a half a mile). I just wanted to have nice clean shot of colorful peaks of the mountain.

3. This is a 3 images stitched vertical pano of the creek (no idea what its name is) right behind the Bishop on the way to Mt. Tom (to its left rather). Again, I hiked down the hill to it (it was so easy) and after taking few shots hiked back up (it was so hard) .

4. This is a horizontal pano of Convict lake at night. It was horribly windy and very, very cold, way below the freezing temp. The light you see on the left comes from a hotel/resort near by, not the sun or moon. And yes, the long exposure made these stars captured in the unfrozen part of the lake this very bright way. I think movement of the water made it look like this. I've not brighten them in any way. And the brightest star is some planet (I think mercury?)

5. This is a sunrise shot of Convict lake. As you can see some clouds started to develop in the warmed up part of the mountain but high winder turn them into twister.

Mar 26, 2017 at 12:56 AM

  Previous versions of Gregg B.'s message #13975473 « A few from Sierra Nevada »