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Re: Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 lens Review

DavidBM wrote:
3catsinky wrote:
MIGHT be worth selling my Batis 85 and put a few extra dollars in my pocket, or towards a 35ZA

Depends what you care about.

If I were choosing which to buy new I'd likely still get the Batis, but it might be hard choice because of the price difference. But selling and buying new doesn't seem like it would generate enough money. If some one said "I'll give you $350 if I can hit your Batis with a hammer which won't harm the sharpness or cosmetics, but will make it flare worse and have more LoCA" I wouldn't take the money....

It's a really big swimming pool and room for everyone. Thankfully, Sony is building out their line of reasonably priced lenses as well. We have to keep in mind that in addition to the pros and enthusiasts who frequent FM.com, for whom having $10k or (a lot) more of equipment is the norm, there are those for whom buying a $500 lens is a luxury. It's nice to see that Sony can deliver this level of IQ at this price point.

Up until my mid-30s, I would not have spent the money I do now on this crap. I'm finding my attitude somewhat reverting, at least in the qty, not necessarily in the price of each item.

I think it's almost silly to be comparing this lens to the Batis or GM; central sharpness is almost easy to come by these days and all of the other 'issues' take size, weight and money to overcome.

A better evaluation might to identify what is reasonably possible in this class of lens (wrt aberrations, corners, distortion, vignetting, etc).

How does this lens fit in with the 28mm and 50mm primes that Sony has released previously and might be seen as a "line" that many would select - and does the price point seem reasonable among those 3 wrt to measurable stats. In other words, what should the general level of expectation be for a ~$500 lens at various focal lengths for each of the parameters - and what can you get for $500 from other vendors. But, let's not try to compare the BMW 318 I drove in my 20s to the Audi A8 I drive today.

Mar 10, 2017 at 10:51 PM

  Previous versions of ecarlino's message #13955528 « Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 lens Review »