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Re: 5d iv replacement for 5dsR?

Jeff Simpson wrote:
rabbitmountain wrote:
SoundHound wrote:
You really need carefully controlled conditions to get all the detail that a 50 mP sensor is capable of.
Yes, it is true that you get 50 mP images with a 5Ds(r) but not always all the resolution that a 50 mP sensor is capable of.

Exactly. Not always. And you don\'t need to get it always if your shooting needs are like mine. I use the 50mp in suitable conditions when I need them and I use it as normal FF body for everything else. For zero to mild cropping the detail, high ISO noise and DR are comparable to the 5D3 I had before the R. I can shoot kids sports at ISO 6400 @ 5fps and get away with it as long as I remember to frame tightly while shooting. With this camera, thinking ahead can make it usable for most any type of subject.
I need a second body soon and as I had second thoughts about the 1Dx2, the 5D4 may fit the bill nicely. Silent shutter, good high ISO noise and more MP than I need.

There may be competition from other brands as pointed out above, but I only look at canon so I can use my glass easily and effectively. It\'s either take it or leave it. Even a 5D3 would make a sufficient second camera I think but the advancements do look enticing.

The high ISO noise was cleaned up (no banding) and the DR noticeably increased with the R. Def not comparable to the 5d3. However, the 5d3 noise/DR is comparable to the 5d2.

I only compared high ISO noise (not DR or banding) between the R and the 5D3, the R scaled down to 5D3 pixel dimensions. I did not try to underexposed and pull up in post. I also included the 5D2 in this - non-scientific - test.

So it\'s 5D2 vs 5D3 vs 5DsR. What I saw was that the 5D3 was noticeably better than the 5D3. Not a huge difference but worth getting, though the biggest leap forward was AF.
The R scaled down was comparable to the 5D3 regarding high ISO noise. I posted the results here on FM. It was my opinion, my conclusions, your perception may vary and maybe I didn\'t see it clearly, who knows. In fact I may have another look at the files...

Oct 21, 2016 at 05:37 PM

  Previous versions of rabbitmountain's message #13773706 « 5d iv replacement for 5dsR? »