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Re: Fuji Medium Format Digital System is on it's way...

bobbytan wrote:
Tariq Gibran wrote:
gdanmitchell wrote:
To get us back on the Fujifilm MF topic once again...

... if I were to consider getting one, I would be less interested in the MF rangefinder design and more interested in something more oriented to tripod-based work, perhaps a design roughly along the lines of the Pentax 645z. I know opinions vary, but for me there wouldn\'t be too many advantages in having the larger sensor in a camera that is designed for handheld shooting, since current MFT, crop, and FF cameras already do a great job for that kind of shooting and come in smaller packages more amenable to things like street photography.

If I were to use MF digital, my use would be for some subset of my landscape photography the part not requiring very long focal length lenses.

I\'d be interested to hear from those who might prefer that it be a rangefinder-style body. Why is that attractive to you in a a mini MF camera?


\"Decisive Moment\" landscape work, often of quickly changing and fast moving clouds.

This is a new one to me.

Actually... it is a common misconception that landscape photography always is done at a leisurely and deliberative pace. Some is, but quite a bit of it happens quickly, especially when changing light and weather is involved.

One of my quickest ever photographic opportunities was a landscape photograph in the eastern Sierra Nevada one fall morning, when I gave up my initial aspen photography plans due to poor light up in the eastern country and spontaneously headed east instead, aiming for a specific spot on a back road where I thought something might be interesting. As I got close I noticed a band of dawn light descending the front of the range and saw virga... and soon saw a developing rainbow.

I drove too fast to my spot, stopped, pulled out gear and attached lens to camera and camera to tripod, and set out to small rise with barely a look at the scene. I got there and made two exposures before the rainbow disappeared.

So, yes, sometimes it is a decisive moment sort of thing. :-)


Sep 04, 2016 at 02:27 PM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #13708350 « Pre-order: Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium Format body ($6,499) »