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Re: Gameface media - heads up on getting paid

So many clich\'es come to mind, this is my tongue-in-cheek post Marty McCrory.

Money talk$ and bull$hit walk$... and you guys are running.
Put up or $hut up.... you have nothing to put up do you?
Fi$h or cut bait... all you have is bait.
$hit or get off the pot... GFM should just go ahead and file and stop promising compensation that will never come.
Treat people the way you would like to be treated... Lip service via emails for almost 100 days. That would be since May.
Always be humble...

So glad to hear this Marty McCrory.

\"We\'re letting our shooters know in our assignment emails that payments will be delayed substantially.\"

It should say, you may never get paid.

\"We\'re also being very flexible with photographers wishing to back out of assignments due to this situation.\"

Wishing to back-out, what does that mean? You won\'t hold it against them if they want to work future jobs that they won\'t get paid for?

This is a very small community that we are in and if I were you I wouldn\'t say another word.

Why aren\'t any of these guys on this thread defending GFM? They wouldn\'t lower themselves to our level so you must do all the dirty work, don\'t you? You must still be getting a paycheck. Good for you Marty McCrory

Brian Walker CTO. Mark Coffey Chief Revenue Officer. Bob Crowley Founder & Chairman. Andrew Van Ogtrop Advisory Board. David Lavallee CEO & Co-Founder. Michael Dorn Sports Photographer. Jason Cimino Director of Business Development at Gameface Media, LLC. Steve Kirkpatrick VP of Sales. Taken from Google Search

I heard that couple of these guys are making phone calls trying to explain to some of you the situation. Those must be the photographers who are owed at least 5K or more.

Last year at this time the photography dept said that if you defaulted on a contract you would be removed as a photographer because they had so people wanting to shoot. boy, what a difference a year makes. I guess your smugness and cockiness caught up with you Marty McCrory

Sorry for the rant but I\'m angry, very angry.

Enough for today, we\'ll see if a deposit is made tonight, if not, I\'ll be back tomorrow.

Aug 18, 2016 at 10:19 PM

  Previous versions of OS3U_Sports's message #13685583 « Gameface media - heads up on getting paid »