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Re: Need Help with a Night Soccer Game Lens

Learning or finding a better noise reduction tool is a great idea, I\'ve been using LR 6 but I tried Topaz DeNoise and it seemed to work pretty well.

P Alesse,
1. Well I can get a used Sigma 120-300 EX DG OS f/2.8 for 1799.00, that\'s the non sports model, that\'s really were I\'d like to set my budget, IF it can do the job as good as the new Sigma 120-300 Sports model can. From what I\'ve read the sports model is sharper.

2. My grandsons are 6 and 4 playing on U6 and U8 teams, the field is a bit smaller and I\'m pretty set for the day games, its the night games is where I\'m trying to find a solutions. They\'ll both have about 14 games each and half of those will be games after 5:30 in the fall.

3. I can move around freely, last year I shot from the sideline close to the goal, the was a problem for night games because that was the darkest part of the field.

4. The reason I\'d need 2 camera is because when the got close I\'m afraid I\'d miss the shot.

Your probably right I probably would be better with a zoom until I get use to shooting at 300mm fixed.

Shooting night games are 1/2 of their games, so even though they may have noise I still need to get shots of the game. I shoot for the team as well not just my grandsons.

Thanks everyone, I\'m still trying to decide what\'s best. I\'m leaning towards the Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 EX DG OS APO HSM (non-sports) and using my 5D MK III game.s

Jul 23, 2015 at 02:41 PM

  Previous versions of magnumjoe's message #13116426 « Need Help with a Night Soccer Game Lens »