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Re: RX1(R) Image Thread

Jochenb wrote:
Thanks Helena. The building is perfectly in focus, but the resizing went wrong. I also noticed that it appeared to be soft/out of focus. I replaced it with the right version now.

Great that it was an easy fix. Nicely done, looks much better now.

And I agree with what is said about using RX1 for close-ups. Here's one of a wild rabbit in Shetland.

Fearless young rabbit by Helena Normark, on Flickr

At first we thought it was sick since it was completely fearless, but then it calmly moved around and we discovered that another bunny was looking at us from holes less than a meter away. It was in a remote area where there are no roads, on a small island called Fair Isle. Perhaps we were the first people these young rabbits had ever seen.

Jul 06, 2014 at 10:52 AM

  Previous versions of HelenaN's message #12449982 « RX1(R) Image Thread »