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Re: Leica M/X/T Picture Thread

Just got back a couple of days ago, been organizing M9, X100 shots the last couple of days. Eventually get to the film stuff

Catching up on the last 20 pages in this thread:

Ron S, thanks for the welcome, definitely my favorite b&w film.
Awesome the detail with the M9+21SEM abstract p.969 #3 and the 1st in p.969 #10, awesome tonality w the 28 cron on p.970 #9, nice candid moments as well as mixed lighting results on the bday photos p.974 #15 & p.976 #2; like the 28 cron the best of the three p.980 #14; the abstract look on p.982 #13 with the 90 Elmarit are pretty sweet; the color are fantastic, i think the specular highlights balanced out best in the first p.983 #8
Thanks everyone else for the likes

Asiafish, dig the first picture in p.967 #17. nice series from Caesar\'s palace
Edward, great street candids w the ZM 50 on p.967,968,p.971, liking your output with the M240 & ZM combos; the ZM25 looks great on the M240, the 3rd is my favorite (look and composition) on p.981 #11
Katie, nice Memorial Day family pics w you 50 Lux-A; the slipper shot is my favorite on p.978 #15 set; nice portrait + separation on the 2nd on p.980 #11; fantastic moment capture p.982 #19
adamwilde, the story of the first one is the favorite of the set on p.968 #4 fantastic colors in that portrait, the eyes and red lipstick stand out p.976 #16
uhoh7, nice rust on that Hudson p.969 #15
airfrogusmc, great personality in that street portrait p.969 #19 nicely composed on the 5th on p.970 #19
nicoimages, nice use of geometry p.970 #5 and p.981 #9
Mitch, p.972 #16 great night series from Bangkok with low iso + M9
Charles great portrait 75 Luxs p.974 #3
kape06111 like the tonality w the 28 elmarit p.975 #8
Tobin28 nice fairground set p.975 #10
Carsten_R great mood with b&w landscapes p.979 #14
joakim, nice b&w trilogy with the ZMs
Michael fantastic landscape use with 28 cron + M9
Phil great candid of the granddaughter p.981 #12
tophoto. perfect timing, great shot p.982 #12
muc_marlin, fantastic landscape photos. love the b&w ones with the dog

Here are a couple from Portland, all ZM 25 + M9, all accidentally left coded as 90 Elmarit-M. First extended trip post RF adjustment


Jun 10, 2014 at 10:38 PM

  Previous versions of neopan's message #12401595 « Leica M/X/T/S/Q Picture Thread »