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Ken Hill
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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Nuno I like the black-and-white series little girl just reflecting on something is just precious.

Samy I don\'t like the mourner I\'m not in the mood for mourners right now All in all it\'s an excellent photograph.

Steve I like your flower shot but I\'ve got a problem here that perhaps only you can answer. One of my nurses is from Manchester City. Although she seems normal she told me she rooted for Liverpool. Is there much of that going around?

Jason nice rig respectable looking like cameras ought to look.

Chin nice shot thank you for your kind words

Jay you\'re making me jealous for a road trip to Mendocino. Watertower is very cool I like structures like that and especially the way you capture them.

Wow Ronnie your 135 F2 shot outstanding it\'s all I can say about it just outstanding.

Leighton the black-and-white market shot kind reminds me of a movie trailer very interesting in fact like it a lot.

Ray I know that Long glass window shot it is in Lakeland but I don\'t know where.

Andy absolutely wonderful series the animals are just perfectly captured and you froze them in time very well my friend.

Chuong. A perfect sweet simple portrait very lovely young lady.

Curtis I\'m shocked, the metal structure looks like the x-rays of my two ankle bones

Four shots.. number one is Blake who is my new pal and after some discussion we learned that we will be walking at about the same time. He doesn\'t use the potty yet though since he\'s only 5 months old.

Buddy is a dog taking seriously his responsibility to cheeeer up the place. Pets are a terrific addition to my new digs. I\'ll be here another 21 days..

The 55mm 1.2 SC and there is a dent near the \"AUTO\" engraved portion ... I can still thread filter.

The remnants of the lens saving Nikon NC filter. It gave its life for this lens and cant just toss it away.

May 18, 2014 at 02:41 AM

  Previous versions of Ken Hill's message #12353555 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »