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Ken Hill
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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Great day for more photo\'s ...

Ray the long exposure is pure photography. I saw the same thing you did and you created a fantastic image!

Raphael, I looked at you photos and learned something . ... In making the desert come alive you used the blue and the oranges to do that. I could never quite put my finger on what I liked about some stuff I\'ve shot until yesterday. My C6 should be ready Tuesday. When we test drove it .. took it home for a trial there was a noise that translated sounded like a bad throw out bearing when it was hot. That couldn\'t be on an A6 and the forums say it is the \"a torque tube rattle\" that is pretty common. The dealer diagnosed it as that as is putting in a new torque converter. Lastly, someone taught the young man to shoot, modified weaver and properly shouldered rifle.

Ram, what can I say about your pano here and Toronto. You make me feel like Fred Flintstone! I really marvel at you work!

Samy making a museum come alive is a hard thing to do. Nice angles and topics captures so as to tell the story. Thanks for the compliments and \"cautions\" about the rail yards. I get away with a lot using digital. Unlike film you can shoot many frames with the camera on the deck/rails and a thumb over the eye piece. Pre-focusing the MF lens is essential and something good usually comes out of a couple a dozen shots. Low to the ground but not uncomfortable or hazardous. I started using Hoppes because it is safe for use around rifle scopes (that are pressurized) made of aluminum, plastic, rubber, brass and glass. A dab on a patch on your fingertip and a soft tooth brush and patience does the trick.

Chin as per the camera and lens repairman I know you are correct about the screw head not being Phillips. Also time and dissimilar metals often create \"a weld.\" He very lightly taps each screw before trying to remove it.

Buddy you caught my attention with the city shots. Really good work!

David I never thought about feeding a stingray! We scratch their bellies when we dive! My friend does shark feeding in the Florida Keys. Question, is the \"Spring\" coming out of limestone and is it freshwater? I have friends that cave dive in Australia and are always looking for new sites.

Contribution of the day is from the files and blue and orange.

Mar 23, 2014 at 01:13 PM

  Previous versions of Ken Hill's message #12225314 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »