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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

Thank you everyone for the kind words and likes
The thread moves so quickly and amazing images.

Edward, great work. Love that composition of the portrait!!! The street image is very sad, but it a reality in Asia.
Ron, the Japanese style is very nice, and excellent portraits. Great street fight captures. Interesting PP'ing as it seem slightly different from your usual
Leonas, really like this series
Manoj, wonderful images, and just love the PP'ing with VSCO 4!!
Gary, beautiful monochromatic image!
Allen, superb set of shots! I love your unique style of compositions.

Ron, superb images, particularly the last set!!! Fascinating blog, and how the M240 works under extreme conditions.
Michael, wonderful shots, and just love the red sunrise
Katie, beautiful images, and love this house!
Lenticular, any time you need help, and send my a PM Nice shot!
Gary, amazing set from Yellowstone park!

Shots from this morning of faded roses. M240 and 50 Cron Rigid DR.

Mar 15, 2014 at 03:26 AM

  Previous versions of charles.K's message #12205121 « Leica M/X/T Picture Thread »