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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

Lurking and \'liking\' on here as usual, too lazy to post many comments, but still finding this the BEST alt thread on FM.

Peter - I bought a daughter a LowePro \'Event Messenger 150\' bag online for A$60 (say US$55 these days ), having given her my old Canon 40D a couple of years ago. She didn\'t use the bag but before that became evident, I liked it enough to buy one for myself - it\'s my Leica M and also now Sony A7 bag.
I can fit 4-5 LM lenses and both an M8 / M9 and Sony A7R body in it, although it\'s probably best with one body. the narrow side compartments fit LM lens needs perfectly. There are also full-width slip pockets to hold a small tablet, wallet, phone etc. The main throw-over cover can have both velcro and a large snap connector to secure it, or the velcro can be covered so its just the snap working.

I note that the price is even lower now - see http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/840041-REG/Lowepro_LP36415_0WW_Event_Messenger_150_For.html

Some collective photo comments (lady first, then alphabetically!):

Katie - Have watched your journey into M-land and love the window on rural Texas that you provide.

airfrogusmc - your street-art shots amuse me every time and I love your perceptiveness and clear stake-outs of suitable backdrop imagery!. Congrats on the recent FM comp win. (I presume that an air frog is a helo-deployed frogman?)

CharlesK - love your contributions, especially with the CronDR. Wish I had kept the one I bought from UK before getting a refund, not knowing that a mod for M8/M9 compatibility was possible through CameraClinic.

Charlie - I love your world. You must be on those slopes every day, enjoying your environment and revelling in the use of different lenses. I share your love of the CV90/3.5APO and KTM motorbikes

Edward - I commented months back on the social value of your Bangkok pictures, and I\'m a ZM25* user on the strength of your ambassadorial skills for ZM lenses! You don\'t shy away from the contrasts of Asian life, especially the recent street-beggar images, with the businessmen shielding his nose. Your eye for a shot and colour processing are fantastic. (*ZM25 appalling on A7R of course!).

Gary - your Canadian Rockies shots make me want to be there. Had a lovely holiday there way back in Sep 1986 and we got our share of snow then as I recall.

Leonas - loving the 35 FLE images and the earlier 90/2ASPH ones.

Michael - Your pictures of your children and other imagery were probably amongst the strongest influences on me dipping my toe into the LM world.

Peter - Outstanding Lapland and Alpine pictures, especially the alpine summit ones of your dog, and your sunrise selfie. You are someone else clearly embracing the natural world bigtime.

Ron - I\'m in awe of your fortitude and the real workhorse environment you are literally exposing your M9...M240 in, not to mention loving your pictures. To me you are the consummate photographer at love with his art, both at work and play.

RyanK - love your family and other pics, some real gems of your son! Thanks for being understanding some time back when I dallied on the M9 purchase.

Apologies if I have omitted someone.

Sorry for long post. I\'m still going ahead on selling my M9, just because of cold feet over my perceptions of long-term reliability of sensor, but it\'s a shame I haven\'t had the opportunity of really learning its capabilities. No doubt some will think me silly to take this approach, however as an amateur I have too much money sunk into too many cameras (M9 sensor-replacement in Australia (goodwill from Leica) occupied 6 months). I did break it out last weekend for a 40th wedding anniversary. Dimly-lit venue didn\'t help suitability of the M9 to the task.

I\'m sticking with my M8 and keeping an M6 Classic.

Mar 14, 2014 at 10:43 PM

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