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Re: Snowy visitors

eyelaser wrote:
Very nice snowy images. Glad to see they know where to find a meal...2nd and 3rd are my pix picks!

Thanks Birdie. I hung some 16 gauge wire from a tree to a plant hanger on my deck and then hung my homemade suet feeders with the popsicle sticks in the side! I also hung the regular suet cages but with my special suet concoction that I use. At one point I had the Kinglet, a woodpecker and a chickadee on all 3 feeders...it was comical. the squirrels have tried coming down the tree and jumping but they land short and then they tried to come across the wire but it's very thin and they can't balance so they are going nuts!

Mar 05, 2014 at 09:05 PM

  Previous versions of treebeard's message #12182328 « Snowy visitors »