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Scott Stoness
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Re: Review: Sony A7R teams up with Canon glass

Fred: Thank you very much for the review. Great pictures and observations.

I have said elsewhere, I am using this camera and like the exta mpx and the dynamic range but am hopeful that canon makes an alternative and I will switch to it quickly.

But before anyone buy the a7r they should know:
1) You cannot use a wide angle (<35mm) rangefinder lens without creating lots of post processing work. There is no canon e mount native wa.The angle of the light coming in creates purple shift on edges and lots of vigneting.
2) The battery performance and camera sleeping performance means you will have to bring a bucket of batteries in cold weather and likely means that it is not a great tool for hiking. I used up 4 batteries in an hour using liveview at -20.
3) You cannot zoom and autofocus in liveview like you do on the 5diii
4) The shutter has huge vibration such that at some shutter speeds the vibration blur is such that the image loses the benefits of the the extra mpx by vibration blur. It iis worse in portrait mode.
5) The menu is quirky and awkward - for example if you want to live view focus with magnification you have a choice of 2s, 5s and infinity. 5s is too short and infinity causes battery usage.Manual focussing and infinity causes battery usage because it does not time off.
6) Auto iso is broken in that it just makes the shutter speed 1/60 and lowest possible iso. 1/60 is not fast enough and is not changable thus motion blur will cause the 36mpx to be wasted.
7) Between the adapters ($400), battery chargers, ($100), 5 batteries ($500) remote shutter release ($100 if you can find one), L mount for your adapter ($200) and buying a 35mm native lens ($800)and camera, it will cost you $2000 over purchase to make this camera useful.
8) The combination of a7r and l plate and adapter and no uwa native lens mean that this tool is bigger and more awkward than the 5diii with same lens.
9) Between the battery performance and lack of ability to use the rangefinder lens, it is not a good camera for hiking.
10) I am still bracketing and for still shots on tripod, the extra dynamic range is not enough to stop me from doing this. Despite the increase in dynamic range.

Altherntively :
1) flip screen is great
2) mpx are great
3) more dynamic range is great
4) Focus confirm with color is great
5) You can use most lens with this body except wide rangefinder
6) There is hope for hardward/software updates that will solve 2/3 of above.

Not saying don\'t buy it but buy it with foreknowledge.


Jan 29, 2014 at 08:29 PM

  Previous versions of Scott Stoness's message #12098943 « Review: Sony A7R teams up with Canon glass »