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Re: Review: Sony A7R teams up with Canon glass

Great review and gorgeous images, Fred . My findings run parallel with yours. I said it before and I say it again here, I enjoy the A7r tremendously but it doesn\'t really replace my 5D Mark III. Actually, it is a great addition to my Canon system. There are situations where a DSLR simply does it better and quite few of them actually. But again, I am not strictly a landscape shooter.

Regarding the weight saving - if you use your \"big and heavy\" Canon lenses it is really not substantial, if any. In addition to the body, you have to have... adapters and I am sure you have more than just one, right ? Plus adding an L-bracket, etc. Hmmm, there goes the weight and bulk saving.

Convenience-wise - I am off to a photo shoot tomorrow and I will use lenses of various mounts for that. I will have to make sure that the L-bracket on the adapter mounted that way as it doesn\'t interfere with the camera and its own L-plate. So, I will mount them, make the adjustment, try them out, etc. first at home as I don\'t want to do that out there in the field. I remembered, I didn\'t have to do all those things when I shot strictly Canon. The pieces appeared to just fall into their places almost automatically.

I can put up with the lossy compression issue (what orange peel ?) but the shutter vibration is bothersome. Again, I am not shooting mostly landscape. There are ways to minimize those issues but they are not completely eliminated. It is beyond me why Sony could be so \"stupid\" (is that too harsh of a word here?) and omitted that in the 36MP A7r but included that in the 24MP A7. Oh, well .

Jan 29, 2014 at 01:34 AM

  Previous versions of AGeoJO's message #12097271 « Review: Sony A7R teams up with Canon glass »